Daikin Ururu Sarara FTXZ2N / RXZ25N Wall Mounted Heat Pump System (with R32 refrigerant) – 2.5kW




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The Daikin Ururu Sarara is the new ultra efficient wall mounted split air conditioning system which not only cools and heats, it offers the following features to ensure maximum comfort:
• Humidification
• Dehumidification
• Fresh Air Intake
• Air Purification

Correct humidity levels play a major role towards achieving internal room comfort conditions. A relative humidity of 50% at a temperature of 22°c will leave an occupant feeling warm. However, a relative humidity of 20% at 28°c will leave the occupant feeling cold. The correct humidity level not only improves comfort, it can also prevent dry skin and sore throats.


Humidification is achieved during the heating mode via a built-in element on the outdoor unit which extracts moisture from the surrounding air without any need for an external water source. After the humidified air is transferred to the indoor unit, it is discharged evenly throughout the room avoiding air stagnation at ceiling level and dryness at floor level.


As much as humidification benefits comfort level, dehumidification also has a large impact. During the summer months, a high level of ambient humidity, even at moderate temperatures, can make a room feel hot and stuffy. The Ururu Sarara range reduces indoor humidity without affecting temperature by mixing dry cool air with warm air to product comfortable dry air – known as reheating dehumidifying. If the indoor temperature becomes too high, the Ururu Sarara reduces the humidity level by also reducing the temperature – known as cooling dehumidifying.

Fresh Air Intake

The Ururu Sarara range is unique among residential air conditioning units in that it enables a room to be ventilated with fresh air in less than two hours without needing to open windows. Furthermore, the incoming air temperature is adjusted to the level of the indoor air temperature avoiding any heat loss. This feature can also be activated while the occupants are away from the house. Since the supply fan is located on the outdoor unit, the ventilation process is silent.

Air Purification

Incoming air is purified in two stages – firstly in the outdoor unit, secondly in the indoor unit. Exhaust gases and unpleasant odours are removed from the outdoor air before it passes to the indoor unit where it is filtered of dust and pollen. It is purified further in a photo-catalytic filter. Lastly, it is subjected to treatment in the “Flash Streamer“ – a patented technology by Daikin which breaks down allergens, mould and dust particles, eliminating them from the air.

Remote Control

The Ururu Sarara range is controlled by a user friendly remote control which displays the actual room temperature and humidity level. All commonly used buttons are easily accessible, with advanced controls available underneath a hinged cover. Operating mode buttons are colour coded which is repeated on an indicator lamp on the fan coil cover, this panel changes colour to allow instant identification of the current operating mode.

Ururu Sarara

This system must be installed by an F Gas qualified engineer in order to comply with regulations and to ensure the warranty is valid


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