Daikin Emura FTXG25LW / RXG25L Wall Mounted Inverter System – 2.5kW




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  • Designed in Europe, perfect for UK climates, Daikin Emura creates the optimum comfort zone all year round
  • It represents a perfect marriage of style and substance, of form and function, of intelligent heating and efficient cooling.
  • Stylish, low-profile design.
  • Wireless remote controller with weekly timer: provides a 7-day schedule timer, enabling daily or weekly programming. Up to 4 actions per day possible
  • Night set mode: prevents sudden changes in room temperature by gently adjusting the temperature before the system stops.
  • Titanium apatite photocatalytic air purifying filter: superior purification and deodorisation of the air inside the room.
  • 2-area intelligent eye: air flow is sent to a zone other than where the occupants are located at that moment
  • Presence Sensor switches to energy saving mode if room is unoccupied after 20 mins
  • Powerful operation: activates the maximum air volume for 20 minutes before returning to its original setting
  • Fan speed: 5 fan speeds can be selected, high to super low
  • Suitable for multi model applications (impossible for R32)
  • Re-use of existing R22 and R407C piping possible (impossible for R32)


This system must be installed by an F Gas qualified engineer in order to comply with regulations and to ensure the warranty is valid.


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